spirit and decline

beautiful, like the northern lights

not long for this world, weaving and undulating in the night we danced

each moment a memory as the realest things are, pouring through my fingers 

liquid fire and ice a

light in the darkness, a candle flickering, green and yellow

wanagi wacipi

I would follow the lighted pathway, if only my mortal self were not so


my spirit flew and now walks the wavering path weaving across the sky and has not returned

from its wanderings

following always after you

I reach towards the sky on those dark nights wishing to cross the 

great abyss bridged only by those dancing lights that

light the way for spirits who have flown

only the Raven has been over this evanescent road, only those who

have made their journey

now dance across the sky 

i speak in reverent whispers 

as the silken way is revealed in shimmers and oscillations and

whispers in a language I do not yet understand

soft cotton silence 

only the music of the spheres

made by spirit dancers

–2021 dy


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