This blog some days is so much wasted space and I

think about what to write

and think and think meanwhile I

feel rage that people like Bannon, Trump, Roger Stone and January 6 rioters get off with a slap while

if it were you or I, we’d be doing 20 years and have to pay a 200,000.00 fine. I chafe

at the unfairness of it all.

I vote, I vote I vote because now it’s a fight. I see women losing their rights and others disenfranchised wilfully, “pro-lifer” raging to save the fetus, but who do not want babies taken care of; who rant and rave with a madness seeking to devour people of color, voting rights, the courts the rule of law

and freedom itself

I feel absolutely powerless.

I volunteer.

I knock doors.

I vote.

Meanwhile the Others draw the noose tighter. They change the borders, take over the courts toss ideas by the wayside a platform of nothing peddling hate raking in the ignorant and the angry and darkness a country where corporations have more power than the people power

by any means necessary

(including violence)

violence in my country something

we only witness in other countries

witness: it can happen here

witness: law and order folks beating police to death with flagpoles in a sick irony

I wonder how we got so sick and whether this mental illness can be cured.

(truth twisted truth strangled truthliestruth)

I vote.

I vote.

I vote. and I ask myself

when did the party of freedom and small government turn into this giant writhing snake threatening to kill democracy and enslave all who

would resist and

I remember my great uncle fighting against this same fascism on the shores of Normandy

How quickly we forget. I

wonder if the people who vote for violence and authoritarianism understand

that one day they too will be victims of what they voted for

nach und nebel

Members of the German-American Bund marching near Camp Siegfried in Yaphank, N.Y., circa 1937.Credit…Rex Hardy Jr./The LIFE Picture Collection — Getty Images


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