The Northern Lights

What is your favorite type of weather?

When the weather is clear, and the conditions right, we are lucky enough in northern Wisconsin to see the Northern Lights from time to time. The dancing, undulating lights glow green, pink, yellow, and blue as they weave and dance across the night sky. It is easy to understand why certain native tribes believe they are their ancestors dancing in the sky. They appeared here on Friday, March 24, 2023 from 10pm to the early hours of the morning.

photos taken by Maddie Kemp

3 responses to “The Northern Lights”

  1. Gorgeous and unbelievable. You are so very fortunate. 😌

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    1. I grew up here and did not appreciate it until I grew up and went away for 30 years. ❤️

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      1. Isn’t that just like life—we all could stand appreciating what we have in the moment in comparison to what it could be—don’t you think? COVID put a reality spin on things, eh? It’s interesting how some people drastically changed afterwards. Would you agree?

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