sylvia’s hair

Sylvia Plath’s hair, Lilly Library IU Bloomington, Indiana

Her hair in a box


like her thumb top was

what memories does that hair hold?

Sunny days in the water off Nauset perhaps and sharks washing up in yards after hurricanes or that toe big as a Frisco seal?

This cut is a bloodless beheading and

I stare in fascination

a member of the peanut crunching crowd — I am shamed but

entranced at the death of it

Lying in its long casket mummified in blue ribbon.

lying there lifeless amongst the living.

what a strange immortality this is.

Is this a spare piece from the assembly line of body parts? Did the vivisectionist

who filleted you and lit you up like a searchlight rooting out ambition leave this behind

as a lesson to women who break glass ceilings ?

How very Victorian to save the hair of the dead

It’s a new twist–here is my hair on show at the University

Mausoleum of Fame

her words are the thing the horse running breakneck speed unflinching

trampling disappointment

men under her rage

the bravery of her anger inspires me

this is what lives her courage

her fire

her truth

Bury the hair.

Lady Lazarus lives on

the phoenix has risen.

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