• reminisce

    there are no stars tonight justsnow clouds, and some light somewhere aboveor belowradiates the color rose the night presses in closet-likeand freedom seems far off like Mayand spring and the love that grewlong ago waving grassesflowers and summer rainwhat if doors could be openonce shut and clocks could be rewoundhow different the world would besecond […]

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  • spirit and decline

    beautiful, like the northern lights not long for this world, weaving and undulating in the night we danced each moment a memory as the realest things are, pouring through my fingers  liquid fire and ice a light in the darkness, a candle flickering, green and yellow wanagi wacipi I would follow the lighted pathway, if […] Continue reading

About Me

poet, diarist, writer, teacher, woman, fragile, strong, northern life is my domicile, my barbaric yawp exudes against the tide