• I am wasting time. Flat out sick the last week contemplating my life for now I’m forced to. There is nothing to distract me from it now. I have friends who are not friends but opportunists, and there will never be anything else with them except for what we can mutually take from one another. […]

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  • Dissonance

    Im only free when I drink free to say what I want and how i want when I don’t care that my barbaric yawp hits the wall and slides down into an abyss of silence silence that smothers and silence smothers me in this worldI am not made for I never realized this world is […] Continue reading

  • cat

    the magic black cat laid upon my bed prognosticating a long journey into the darkness or maybe we only think opaqueness is dark looming as a ship used to believe the curve of the Earth’s horizon was the edge how many times do we ask the opaque curtain what lies beyond only the cat who […] Continue reading

  • Ophelia

    missing.always.missing. hole cut out of my life I am you    just another version, that’s all. now, in the twilight of middle age I discover I am merely flesh and blood with no heart. the winds blow through my soul encountering no obstacle on the grassless prairie still, I am far away. haunted by my demons […] Continue reading

  • I disengaged

    No more Facebook, Instagram or social media of any kind. It was literally driving me to distraction. I felt more stressed and more disillusioned with people on an hourly basis: all the petty disagreements, the need to be right all the time on the part of others, the feeling of not being good enough every […] Continue reading

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poet, diarist, writer, teacher, woman, fragile, strong, northern life is my domicile, my barbaric yawp exudes against the tide