• Write or die?

    Haven’t written in a long time. Feel like I’m being strangled by self doubt. Doesn’t help that i have a family who believes fighting is life. Reading Plath whose single-minded goal is something I envy. I dont have any goals other than surviving in a greedy society that traps the workers into a never ending […]

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  • Dissonance

    Im only free when I drink free to say what I want and how i want when I don’t care that my barbaric yawp hits the wall and slides down into an abyss of silence silence that smothers and silence smothers me in this worldI am not made for I never realized this world is […] Continue reading

  • cat

    the magic black cat laid upon my bed prognosticating a long journey into the darkness or maybe we only think opaqueness is dark looming as a ship used to believe the curve of the Earth’s horizon was the edge how many times do we ask the opaque curtain what lies beyond only the cat who […] Continue reading

  • Mystery

    i am swept up in graceNo longer myself but a vision I once hadbriefly a flash of light you created anewthe stars knowas does all of creation that you move among us soundlessly the gardener in his garden pronouncing everything goodyou are the artist painting rainbows across the sky the blue jay brushes against the […] Continue reading

  • on the Dakota night sky

    Driving down highway 83 south in the inky black midnightintent on the roada flashpoint of light out the driver’s side windowcatches my eye.With a gasp I slow the truckmesmerizeduntil a sudden bump reminds me of the shoulderand I pull to a stopa turn of the key then darkness descends. Utter silence surrounds me in the […] Continue reading

About Me

poet, diarist, writer, teacher, woman, fragile, strong, northern life is my domicile, my barbaric yawp exudes against the tide