• the interminable road

    For GJFlife goes on full stoptime lies to meI wander aimlessly in ablack soul abyssa walking shadow,myspan a shadecolors dissipated run through sieve never returned gone his boyishnessreduced to flat and black and whitefifteen years todaymy world was silenced foreverbirthdays come and fade like winter grassand do not grow again in springthey arrive flatlythey are […]

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  • reminisce

    there are no stars tonight justsnow clouds, and some light somewhere aboveor belowradiates the color rose the night presses in closet-likeand freedom seems far off like Mayand spring and the love that grewlong ago waving grassesflowers and summer rainwhat if doors could be openonce shut and clocks could be rewoundhow different the world would besecond […] Continue reading

  • the quiet current rages below

    stillness, the stillnessa new silence that descendsin darknessand space, spacethat moves among usinvisibilityit is the uneaten foodthe empty platethe unused shoesthe too big bedthe listless clothes unwornthat hang on one side of the closetthe wife, now widowedthe husband without wifethe unanswered questionsthe where of Godthe words unspokenthe love that still livesendlesslythe stillness, the stillness© diane […] Continue reading

  • Blue water

    long missed always the sounds low and longing calls of gulls circling high overhead steady crunching beneath my feet a faint roar. drawing closer to the slate blue haze more distinct now honking of geese moving slowly across the sand as night drifts in it’s louder now, the water, leaping and lunging curling up and […] Continue reading

  • Birches–A Short Story

    I wrote this a few years ago after going through a relationship. I tried to understand a man that cannot be understood. I hope you enjoy my story. He stood at the window, staring past the birch trees swaying in the cold wind. Fall was descending rapidly, the kind of Canadian fall that slips in […] Continue reading

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poet, diarist, writer, teacher, woman, fragile, strong, northern life is my domicile, my barbaric yawp exudes against the tide