Sylvia Plath

  • Write or die?

    Haven’t written in a long time. Feel like I’m being strangled by self doubt. Doesn’t help that i have a family who believes fighting is life. Reading Plath whose single-minded goal is something I envy. I dont have any goals other than surviving in a greedy society that traps the workers into a never ending […]

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  • Girl Talk: The Code of Sylvia Plath’s “Cut”

    Given her Swiftian bent in “Cut,” Plath fantastically extrapolates Freud’s castration complex and imagines the female anatomy in ludicrous male personas, each with its own abject place in history, while the poem serves, at once, as a celebration, social satire and lament about female gender. Girl Talk: The Code of Sylvia Plath’s “Cut” This is a […] Continue reading

  • time

    I have no time, she says, pouring water for dishes in the sink years of time washing over her flitting memory-movies in her brain Gone like water. Time weighed on Sylvia Plath and washing dishes she knows what that feels like knows the feeling of heads in ovens knows the almost relief of vacations to […] Continue reading

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